Program – HIV & Hepatitis Nordic Conference 2019

WednesdaySeptember 25
Opening Session (Nina Weis)
10.15-10.20Welcome (Magnus Gisslén)
10.20-10.50Opening Plenary (Pl1)
Co-morbidities in treated HIV infection (Susanne Dam Poulsen, Denmark)
Abstract Session I (Jan Gerstoft & Magnus Gottfredsson)
11.00-11.15Oral 1 (10 min + 5 min discussion)
Antiretroviral treatment initiated at high CD4 cell counts does not normalize cerebrospinal fluid markers of immune activation
Frida Rydberg
11.15-11.30Oral 2
Employment of people living with HIV approaching that of the HIV-negative population irrespective of migrant status and sexual orientation
Christina Carlander
11.30-11.45Oral 3
The burden of comorbidities in people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Central Denmark Region
Niels A. Jespersen
11.45-12.00Oral 4
Activated and exhausted CD8 T-cells differentiate aviremic HIV-2 infected from seronegative individuals
Lydia Scharf
13.00-13.50BHIVA and HIV Nordic joint session – Evolving HIV treatment and care (Nina Weis & Chloe Orkin)
New drugs and treatment strategies (Chloe Orkin, UK)
Cervical cancer and dysplasia in HIV (Christina Carlander, Sweden)
Plenary session I – HIV treatment and clinical challenges (Leo Flamholc & Veronica Svedhem Johansson)
13.50-14.15Plenary (Pl2)
INSTI adverse events – what is the truth? (Jan Gerstoft, Denmark)
14.25-14.40Short Break
14.40-15.10Plenary (Pl3)
Update on ART and birth defects (Claudia Crowell, USA)
15.20-15.50Plenary (Pl4)
Resurgent STIs in HIV Care and Prevention (Sharon Walmsley, Canada)
16.00-16.30Coffee and exhibition/posters
16.30-17.30Satellite Symposium 1 – MSD
The role of NNRTI in modern ART
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Moderator/Lecturer: Prof Magnus Gisslén, Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset/Östra (Sweden)
Lecturer: Dr Emmi Andersson, Karolinska University (Sweden)
17.30-17.45Short break
17.45-18.45Satellite Symposium 2 – Gilead HIV
Presenting late with HIV in the Nordics: What can we do better to reduce disease and transmission burden?
An interactive session with panel discussion and questions for the audience.
Moderator: Ole Kirk, Rigshospitalet (Denmark)
Panel: Anders Sönnerborg, Karolinska Institutet (Sweden),
Pia Kivelä, Helsinki University Hospital (Finland),
Magnús Gottfreðsson, National University Hospital of Iceland
18.45- Poster Exhibition with cheese and snacks

ThursdaySeptember 26
08.00-09.00Satellite Symposium 3 – GSK/ViiV
Why use 3 when 2 could be enough?
Moderator: Prof Magnus Gisslén
Two drug regimens (2DRs) in the Nordic countries, experience and guidelines (Prof Magnus Gisslén, Sweden)
Treatment with less drugs – Why? How? When? (Prof Chloe Orkin UK)
09.00-09.10Short break
Plenary Session II – Reservoirs and Cure (Magnus Gisslén & Francesca Chiodi)
09.10-09.40Plenary (Pl5)
New insights in formation of the HIV reservoir (Ron Swanstrom, USA)
09.50-10.20Plenary (Pl6)
Viral reservoirs in tissue (Jacob Estes, USA)
10.30-11.00Coffee and Poster exhibition
Plenary Session III – HIV control (Anders Sönnerborg & Helene Mens)
11.00-11.30Plenary (Pl7)
Functional Cure of HIV (Lucy Dorrell, Oxford, UK)
11.40-12.10Plenary (Pl8)
Mechanisms of elite control (Beatriz Mothe, Spain)
12.20-12.50Plenary (Pl9)
Mechanisms of post-treatment control (John Frater, UK)
Plenary Session IV – Last year’s most important achievements in the HIV research field (Jussi Sutinen & Annika Karlsson)
14.00-14.30Plenary (Pl10)
Top 5 in basic HIV research 2018-2019 (Marianne Jansson, Sweden)
14.30-15.00Plenary (Pl11)
Top 5 in clinical HIV research 2018-2019 (Terese Katzenstein, Denmark)
Plenary Session V – Virology (Dan Henrik Reikvam & Aylin Yilmaz)
15.00-15.20Plenary (Pl12)
Update on INSTI resistance (Anne-Geneviève Marcelin, France)
15.30-15.50Plenary (Pl13)
Significance of low-level viremia during antiretroviral treatment (Anders Sönnerborg, Sweden)
16.00-16.20Coffee and Poster exhibition
16.20-16.30HIV & Hepatitis Nordic Conference 2019 Abstract Award (Leo Flamholc)
16.30-17.30Satellite Symposium 4 – Gilead HCVtreatment at opioid substitution therapy clinics
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Moderator: Martin Kåberg, MD, PhD, Medical Supervisor, Stockholm Needle Exchange, Stockholm Centre for Dependency Disorders
Lecturers: Per-Erik Klasa, Senior consultant Psychiatry/Addiction medicine, LARO Prima Maria,
Tove Lindholm, HCV responsible nurse, LARO-mottagningen, Akademiska Sjukhuset
19.00Conference Dinner

FridaySeptember 27
Plenary Session VI – Last year’s most important achievements in the hepatitis field (Soo Aleman)
09.00-09.30Plenary (Pl14)
Top 5 in hepatitis research 2017/18 (Ola Weiland, Sweden)
Abstract Session II (Nina Weis)
09.40-09.55Oral 5 (10 + 5 min discussion)
A long-term study of 337 hepatitis D virus (HDV) and hepatitis B virus co-infected patients: the impact of HDV viremia on liver-related outcomes
Habiba Kamal
09.55-10.10Oral 6
4 week treatment for hepatitis C – a randomized controlled trial (4RIBC)
Lone Wulff Madsen
10.10-10.45Coffee and Poster exhibition
Session VII – HCV treatment among people who inject drugs - experiences from Norway, Denmark and Sweden
(Martin Kåberg, Sweden & Marianne Alanko, Sweden)
10.45-12.15Olav Dalgard (Norway)
Anne Øvrehus (Denmark)
Anna Jerkeman (Sweden)
Plenary Session VIII – Hepatitis B/D (Magnus Lindh & Dan Henrik Reikvam)
13.15-13.35Plenary 15
Immunological aspects of stopping NUC treatment in HBV (Niklas Björkström, Sweden)
13.45-14.05Plenary 16
Future options for treatment of hepatitis delta (Maria Buti, Spain)
14.15-14.35Plenary 17
Hepatitis B cure – progress, obstacles and definitions
(Johannes Vermehren, Germany)
14.45-15.00Short break
Plenary Session IX – Hepatitis C (Soo Aleman & Ola Weiland)
15.00-15.20Plenary 18
Aspects on HCV vaccine development (Jannick Prentø, Denmark)
15.30-15.50Plenary 19
Eradicating HCV, a global perspective (John Dillon, UK)
16.00-16.15Concluding remarks (Nina Weis)