Program – HIV & Hepatitis Nordic Conference 2016

WednesdaySeptember 28
Opening session
10.15-10.20Welcome (Magnus Gisslén, Sweden)
10.20-11.00Opening Plenary 1
The most important achievements from the Copenhagen HIV Programme (CHIP) (Jens Lundgren, Denmark)
Plenary session I – HIV co-morbidities
(Magnús Gottfreðsson, Iceland and Aylin Yilmaz, Sweden)
11.10-11.40Plenary 2
HIV and stroke (Laura Benjamin, UK)
11.50-12.20Plenary 3
HIV and osteoporosis (Paddy Mallon, Ireland)
Plenary session II – HIV, aspects on epidemiology
(Anders Blaxhult, Sweden and Arild Maeland, Norway)
13.30-14.00Plenary 4
The early spread of HIV in human populations and the role of iatrogenic transmission (Oliver Pybus, UK)
14.10-14.40Plenary 5
PrEP: moving from clinical trials to routine practice? (Richard Gilson, UK)
14.50-15.00Short break
Abstract Session I
(Jan Gerstoft, Denmark and Veronica Svedhem Johansson, Sweden)
15.00-15.20Oral 1 (Discussion included)
O1-16. Near full-length HIV-1 genome sequencing reveals higher intra-country spread of unique recombinant forms (URFs) among patients infected in Sweden (Ujjwal Neogi, Sweden)
15.20-15.40Oral 2
O2-16. HIV-testing women with cervical dysplasia (Christina Carlander, Sweden)
15.40-16.00Oral 3
O3-16. Structural Basis of Inhibition and Resistance Mechanism to EFdA, a highly potent NRTI (Stefan G. Sarafianos, USA)
16.00-16.30Coffee and exhibition/posters
16.30-17.30Satellite Symposium I – Janssen
Individualized ART 2016; pros and cons of guideline preferred regimens
Representing bPI – Chloe Orkin (UK), Representing NNRTI – Magnus Gisslén (SE), Representing INI – Jan Gerstoft (DK)
Moderator – Anton Pozniak, UK
17.30-17.45Short break
17.45-18.45Satellite Symposium II – Gilead
TAF – A In Depth Review (Cal Cohen, USA)
18.45-20.00Poster Exhibition with cheese and snacks
ThursdaySeptember 29
08.00-09.00Satellite Symposium III – GSK/ViiV
Building the HIV-treatment around the core agent. Why? Why not!
At the Core: A new era of ART?!
Women living with HIV: Specific needs?
ARIA: New data on women on ART
Questions & Closing remarks
Plenary Session III – Last year’s most important achievements in the HIV research field
(Magnus Gisslén, Sweden and Helene Mens, Denmark)
09.10-09.40Plenary 6
Top 5 in basic HIV research 2015/16 (Annika Karlsson, Sweden)
09.50-10.20Plenary 7
Top 5 in clinical HIV research 2015/16 (Magnús Gottfreðsson, Iceland)
10.30-11.00Coffee and Poster exhibition
Plenary Session IV – ART in low- and middle-income countries
(Matti Ristola, Finland and Anders Sönnerborg, Sweden)
11.00-11.30Plenary 8
ART-resistance emergence in low- and middle-income countries (Ravindra Gupta, UK)
11.40-12.10Plenary 9
Future development of HIV treatment in Africa (Andrea de Luca, Italy)
Plenary Session V – HIV persistence and reservoirs
(Francesca Chiodi, Sweden and Annika Karlsson, Sweden)
13.30-13.50Plenary 10
T-cell exhaustion in HIV (Marcus Buggert, USA)
14.00-14.30Plenary 11
Persistent HIV-1-replication in lymphoid tissues (Steven Wolinsky, USA)
14.40-15.10Plenary 12
Gene therapy for HIV cure (Paula M Cannon, USA)
15.20-15.30HIV & Hepatitis Nordic Conference 2016 Poster Award
(Gunnar Norkrans, Sweden)
15.30-16.00Coffee and exhibition/posters
16.00-17.00Satellite Symposium IV – Abbvie
Real World Evidence in HCV-challenges. (Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Zeuzem)
17.00-17.10Short break
17.10-18.10Satellite Symposium V – BMS
HCV-real world and InCare data (Ola Weiland, Sweden)
18.10-18.20Short break
18.20-19.20Satellite Symposium VI – MSD
HCV Treatment and the Incarcerated Population: Canadian & Nordic Approaches Today & Tomorrow (Stephen D. Shafran, Canada, Anders Nystedt, Sweden, Kaarlo Simojoki, Finland) Moderator – Dr. Soo Aleman, Sweden
FridaySeptember 30
08.00-09.00Satellite Symposium VII – Gilead
Pan genotypic treatment of hepatitis C – new possibilities. Elimination on the horizon? (Thomas Berg, Germany)
The Portuguese experience – implementation of national plan for elimination of hepatitis C (Rui Tato Marinho, Portugal)
Plenary Session VI – Treatment of hepatitis B and D
(Magnus Lindh, Sweden and Matti Sällberg, Sweden)
09.10-09.40Plenary 13
HBV: Future treatment approaches (Thomas Berg, Germany)
09.50-10.20Plenary 14
HDV: Future treatment approaches (Markus Cornberg, Germany)
10.30-11.15Coffee and Poster exhibition
Abstract Session II
(Soo Aleman, Sweden and Olav Dalgard, Norway)
11.15-11.35Oral 4 (Discussion included)
O4-16. Hepatocellular carcinoma among patients with chronic hepatitis C and cirrhosis in Denmark (Sofie Hallager, Denmark)
11.35-11.55Oral 5
O5-16. TRAP HEP C – Treatment as Prevention for Hepatitis C in Iceland. A nationwide elimination program using direct acting antiviral agents (Magnus Gottfredsson, Iceland)
Plenary Session VII – SVR in HCV, impact on complications and co-morbidities
(Ola Weiland, Sweden and Nina Weiss, Denmark)
12.00-12.30Plenary 15
The risks for hepatocellular carcinoma after cure of HCV in eras of interferon and direct acting antivirals (Soo Aleman, Sweden)
12.40-13.10Plenary 16
Impact of diabetes mellitus on long term risk of HCC after SVR (Magnus Hedenstierna, Sweden)
Plenary Session VIII – Last year’s most important achievements in the hepatitis field and aspects on treatment of HCV
(Leo Flamholc, Sweden and Ola Weiland, Sweden)
14.20-14.50Plenary 17
Top 5 in hepatitis research (Nina Weis, Denmark)
15.00-15.30Plenary 18
HCV resistance, impact on treatment choice? (Christoph Sarrazin, Germany)
15.40-16.10Plenary 19
Treatment of PWIDs, opioid substitution, and the risk of reinfection (Olav Dalgard, Norway)
16.20-16.30Concluding remarks
(Anders Sönnerborg, Sweden)