Program – HIV & Hepatitis Nordic Conference 2015

WednesdaySeptember 30
Opening session
10.45-11.00Welcome (Magnus Gisslén)
11.00-11.45Opening Plenary 1
35 years of HIV research – problems solved and challenges that remain (Jan Gerstoft, Denmark)
Plenary session I – The HIV pandemic (Annika Karlsson and Anders Blaxhult)
13.00-13.30Plenary 2
The impact of HIV adaptation on virulence (Philip Goulder, UK)
13.40-14.10Plenary 3
Update on the HIV epidemic in Russia (Vadim Pokrovskiy, Russia)
Plenary Session II – T-cells (Francesca Chiodi and Helene Mens)
14.20-14.50Plenary 4
CD4 T-cell depletion in HIV-1 infection (Warner Greene, USA)
15.00-15.30Plenary 5
The CD4/CD8 ratio as a predictor of T cell activation in treated and untreated HIV infection (Annika Karlsson, Sweden)
15.40-16.00Coffee and exhibition/posters
16.00-17.00Satellite Symposium I – Gilead
Inflammation and Immune Activation in HIV (Allison Ross Eckard, USA)
Moderator: Anders Sönnerborg, Sweden
17.00-17.10Short break
17.10-18.10Satellite Symposium II – Janssen
The evolution of modern HIV treatment – factors that influence and what it means in clinical practice (Anton Pozniak, UK and Magnus Gisslén, Sweden)
Moderator: Stefan Lindbäck, Janssen


ThursdayOctober 1
08.00-09.00Satellite Symposium III – GSK/ViiV
What’s next to know about Dolutegravir? Partnerships? And the Patient? (Els Hollanders, Belgium, Anna Lawson, UK, Ophelia Haanyama, Sweden)
Moderator: Eva Fernvik, Sweden
Plenary Session III – Last year’s most important achievements in the HIV research field (Anne Ma Dyrholt and Matti Ristola)
09.10-09.40Plenary 6
Top 5 in basic HIV research 2014/15 (Helene Mens, Denmark)
09.50-10.20Plenary 7
Top 5 in clinical HIV research 2014/15 (Arild Maeland, Norway)
10.30-11.00Coffee and Poster exhibition
Plenary Session IV – Latency and cure / Inflammation and ageing (Magnus Gisslén and Anders Sönnerborg)
11.00-11.30Plenary 8
Reversing HIV latency (Robert Siliciano, USA)
11.40-12.10Plenary 9
Mitigation of inflammation in HIV-infection (Steve Deeks, USA)
12.20-12.50Plenary 10
HIV and ageing (Giovanni Guaraldi, Italy)
Abstract Session I (Aylin Yilmaz and Anders Sönnerborg)
14.00-14.20Oral 1
Increasing prevalence of transmitted drug resistance mutations in patients diagnosed with HIV in Sweden 2010 – 2014 (Emmi Andersson, Sweden)
14.20-14.40Oral 2
Molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 in Iceland (Malik Sallam, Sweden)
14.40-15.00Oral 3
HIV-1 Transmission from MSM to heterosexuals and increasing proportions of circulating recombinant forms in the nordic countries (Joakim Esbjörnsson, Sweden)
15.00-15.20Oral 4
Genome-wide population genomics of intrapatient HIV-1 evolution (Jan Albert, Sweden)
15.20-15.40Coffee and exhibition/posters
Plenary Session V – Antiviral treatment (Veronica Svedhem Johansson and Magnus Gottfredsson)
15.40-16.10Plenary 11
Savings from switching to generic antiretrovirals (Andrew Hill, UK)
16.20-16.50Plenary 12
Global epidemiology of tenofovir resistance following failure of first line WHO recommended regimens (Ravindra Gupta, UK)
17.00-17.20Coffee and exhibition/posters
17.20-18.20Satellite Symposium IV – Abbvie
Modern HCV treatment in HIV-positive individuals (Mark Nelson, UK)
18.20-18.30Short break
18.30-19.30Satellite Symposium V – Gilead
Fight against hepatitis C: National strategies, actions and treatments in Scotland and Spain (Maria Buti, Spain and David Goldberg, Scotland)
Moderator: Soo Aleman, Sweden


FridayOctober 2
08.00-09.00Satellite Symposium VI – BMS
Real world data on treatment of chronic HCV patients – advanced disease and genotype 3 (Ola Weiland, Sweden)
Plenary Session VI – Treatment as prevention (Ola Weiland and Nina Weis)
09.10-09.40Plenary 13
Hepatitis C, treatment as prevention (Hannah Woodall, UK)
09.50-10.20Plenary 14
The road to a hepatitis C virus free world - the Georgian approach (Lali Sharvadze, Georgia)
10.30-11.15Coffee and Poster exhibition
Abstract Session II (Magnus Gottfredsson and Matti Ristola)
11.15-11.35Oral 5
Prevalence of HIV co-infection among newly diagnosed patients with chronic hepatitis B or C in Denmark – a nationwide cohort study (Sofie Hallager, Denmark)
11.35-11.55Oral 6
A care model with good retention yielded to control of HIV outbreak among injecting drug users (IDU) in Helsinki area (Susan Simola, Finland)
12.00-12.10HIV & Hepatitis Nordic Conference 2015 Abstract Award (Jan Gerstoft)
Plenary Session VII – (Nina Weis and Ola Weiland)
12.10-12.40Plenary 15
Optimal HCV regimen for cure (Johannes Vermehren, Germany)
12.50-13.20Plenary 16
Expanding HCV treatment to mild disease (Graham Foster, UK)
Plenary Session VIII – (Leo Flamholc and Arild Maeland)
14.30-15.00Plenary 17
What’s up for treatment of hepatitis B (Pietro Lampertico, Italy)
15.10-15.40Plenary 18
Risk for hepatocellular cancer in untreated and cured hepatitis C (Soo Aleman, Sweden)
15.50-16.20Plenary 19
Hepatitis C and HIV in resource limited countries (Anna Mia Ekström, Sweden)
16.30-16.45Concluding remarks (Anders Sönnerborg)