Posters presented at the conference 2014
Presenting author underlined.

P1. 144w Renal Safety of Elvitegravir/Cobicistat/Emtricitabine/Tenofovir DF from Two Phase 3 RCTs 
Jan Gerstoft
, Calvin Cohen, Frank Post, Bruce Hendry, Pierre-Marie Girard, Gerd Faetkenheuer, Andrea Antinori, Martin Fisher, Martin S Rhee, Javier Szwarcberg

P2. HIV-patient reported outcome after switching from single-tablet regimen to dual-tablet regimen
Lotte Ø. Rodkjær, Inge Bossen, Carsten S. Larsen

P3. Treatment outcomes after 6 months among all HIV-1 infected patients in Sweden on Eviplera
Catharina Maijgren Steffensson, Göran Skoglund, Veronica Svedhem Johansson

P4. Experiences with the use of rilpivirine at a Danish HIV clinic
Sanne Jespersen, Carsten Schade Larsen

P5. Antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected people who inject drugs in Sweden: access and treatment response
Michele Santacatterina, Amanda Häggblom, Matteo Botta, Rino Bellocco, Anders Sönnerborg, Anna Mia Ekström

P6. Late stage R5 HIV-1 isolates exhibit reduced baseline sensitivity to Maraviroc in vitro
Ulf Karlsson, Johanna Repits, Liselotte Antonsson, Erik Cederfjäll, Bengt Ljungberg, Martin Ålenius, Alan Sabirsh, Magnus Gisslen, Joakim Esbjörnsson, and Marianne Jansson

P7. Effect of HIV drug resistance followed by therapeutic switch on the clinical course of HIV-infection
Amanda Häggblom, Michele Santacatterina, Ujjwal Neogi. Anders Sönnerborg, Equal contribution

P8. Low prevalence of neurocognitive impairment in a Swedish cohort of HIV-1 infected individuals
Åsa Mellgren, Lars Hagberg and Magnus Gisslén

P9. Three decade neurological and neurocognitive follow-up of hiv-1 infected patients
Terttu J Heikinheimo, Erja T Poutiainen, Oili Salonen, Irina Elovaara, Matti Ristola

P10. Impaired blood-brain barrier integrity is associated with intrathecal immunoactivation and signs of neuronal injury in untreated and treated HIV
Birgitta Anesten, Lars Hagberg, Henrik Zetterberg, Staffan Nilsson, Bruce Brew, Dietmar Fuchs, Richard W Price, Magnus Gisslén

P11. Hyperphosphorylated tau in CSF: A biomarker approach to evaluate premature neurological aging in HIV-1?
Jan J. Krut, Richard W. Price, Henrik Zetterberg, Lars Hagberg, Paola Cinque, Staffan Nilsson and Magnus Gisslén

P12. Association between plasma homocysteine levels and signs of axonal injury in untreated HIV
Erika Ahlgren, Lars Hagberg, Lars-Magnus Andersson, Henrik Zetterberg, Magnus Gisslén

P13. Role of translocated bacterial flagellin in monocyte activation among individuals with chronic HIV-infection
Jenny Svärd, Dominic Paquin-Proulx, Kajsa Noyan, Marcus Buggert, Babilonia Barqasho, Anders Sönnerborg, Piotr Nowak

P14. Effects of co-trimoxazole on microbial translocation in HIV-1 infected patients initiating antiretroviral therapy
Jan Vesterbacka, Babilonia Barqasho, Amanda Häggblom, Anders Sönnerborg, Piotr Nowak

P15. Cerebrospinal fluid findings in HIV patients with recent herpes zoster
Lars Hagberg, Magnus Gisslén

P16. Functional CD8+ T Cell Responses and Immunosenescence in HIV-Tuberculosis Co-Infection
Esaki M Shankar, Yee K Chong, Alireza Saeidi, Adeeba Kamarulzaman, Marie Larsson

P17. Involvement of a C-terminal motif in the interference of primate lentiviral Vpu proteins with CD1d-mediated antigen presentation
Susanna M. Bächle, Daniel Sauter, Sabrina Sibitz, Johan K. Sandberg, Frank Kirchhoff, Markus Moll

P18. Subtype Independent Sequencing of Low Level Viremia in HIV-1 Infected Patients
Tomas Mellberg, Jon Krabbe, Magnus Gisslén, Bo Svennerholm

P19. Methods of low-level detection of HIV-1: Validation of a real time PCR for total DNA quantification and a sensitive subtype independent plasma RNA PCR
Tomas Mellberg, Jon Krabbe, Maria Buzon, Ulrika Noborg, Magnus Lind, Magnus Gisslén, Bo Svennerholm

P20. HIV-specific ADCC improves after HAART and correlates with normalization of the NK cell phenotype
Sanne Skov Jensen, Hans Jakob Hartling, Jeanette Linnea Tingstedt, Tine Kochendorf Larsen, Susanne Dam Nielsen, Court Pedersen, Anders Fomsgaard and Ingrid Karlsson

P21. Dynamic Relationship between Innate Immune Biomarkers and Interferon-based Treatment Effects and Outcome in HCV Infection is altered by Telaprevir
David F.G. Malone, Karolin Falconer, Ola Weiland, and Johan K. Sandberg

P22. Low Immune Activation in the Ectocervix of HIV-Exposed Seronegative Commercial Sex Workers
Anna Gibbs, Taha Hirbod, Terry B Ball, Rupert Kaul, Joshua Kimani, Annelie Tjernlund, Kristina Broliden

P23. Inflammation and HSV-2 in human foreskin
Maria Röhl, Annelie Tjernlund, Supriya D. Mehta, Pernilla Pettersson, Robert C. Bailey, Kristina Broliden

P24. The Bissau HIV Cohort – A West African cohort with a high prevalence of HIV-2
Sanne Jespersen, Bo Langhoff Hønge, Inés Oliveira, Candida Medina, David da Silva Te, Faustino Gomes Correira, Christian Erikstrup, Alex Lund Laursen, Lars Østergaard, Christian Wejse, for The Bissau HIV Cohort study group

P25. Long term nationwide analysis of HIV and AIDS in Iceland, 1983-2012
Hlynur Indridason, Magnus Gottfredsson, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Bergthora Karlsdottir, Arthur Löve , Haraldur Briem

P26. Predictors associated with injecting risk behaviour among people who inject drugs in Stockholm county prisons over ten years
Niklas Karlsson, Michele Santacatterina, Torsten Berglund, Sussi Wallin, Kerstin Käll, Anna Mia Ekström

P27. Selective disclosure of HIV-positive status in the era of HAART. Perspectives of immigrant Black African men, and their families, in the UK
John Owuor, Abigail Locke, Bob Heyman, Andrew Clifton

P28. Effective DNA-immunogens based on the consensus protease of the HIV-1 clade A strain predominant in the territory of the former Soviet Union
Maria Isaguliants, Athina Kilpeläinen, Stefan Petkov, Anastasia Latanova, Oleg Latishev, Elizaveta Starodubova