Program – HIV Nordic Conference 2014

ThursdayOctober 2
09.00-18.00Registration is open between 09.00-18.00
11.00-12.00Satellite Symposium I – Gilead
Global access challenges for HIV & HCV drugs
(moderator: Anna Mia Ekström, Sweden)

Global burden of HIV & HCV and treatment trends (Hans Rosling, Sweden)

An Overview of Gilead’s Access Program (Clifford Samuel, USA)
Opening session (Magnus Gisslén, Sweden and Johanna Brännström, Sweden)
13.00-13.15Welcome (Magnus Gisslén, Sweden)
13.15-14.00Opening Plenary 1 – Achieved results from the Danish HIV cohort (Niels Obel, Denmark)
14.15-14.45Coffee and exhibition/posters
Plenary session I – Vaccine and immunotherapy. (Anders Sönnerborg, Sweden and Magnús Gottfreðsson, Iceland)
14.45-15.15Plenary 2. Current status of HIV vaccine and immunotherapy research (Robin A Weiss, UK)
Plenary session II –Last year’s most important achievements in the HIV research field (Anders Sönnerborg, Sweden and Magnús Gottfreðsson, Iceland)
15.30-16.00Plenary 3. Top 5 in clinical HIV research 2013/14 (Margaret Johnson, UK)
16.15-16.45Plenary 4. Top 5 in basic HIV research 2013/14 (Francesca Chiodi, Sweden)
17.15-18.15Satellite Symposium II – GSK/ViiV
Tailoring Therapy Today: Talking about Dolutegravir

Welcome and Introduction (Magnus Gisslén, Sweden)

Living with HIV – a patients perspective and unmet needs (Ophelia Haanyama, Sweden)

Dolutegravir – a new treatment option in HIV - clinical background (Anders Sönnerborg, Sweden)

HIV treatment and drug interactions – considerations for using Dolutegravir in clinical practice (David Back, UK)

Q&A-session and Summary (Magnus Gisslén, Sweden)


FridayOctober 3
07.30-18.00Registration is open between 07.30-18.00
Breakfast will be served
Satellite Symposium III – Janssen
Welcome and Intruduction to MDR-Tb (Judith Bruchfeld, Sweden)

Development of bedaquiline: A Rocky Road (Koen Andries, Belgium)

Presentation of HIV speaker (Stefan Lindbäck, Sweden)

HIV treatment; current status and future perspectives (Hans-Jürgen Stellbrink, Germany)

Closing remarks (Judith Bruchfeld, Sweden)
Abstract Session I (Anders Blaxhult, Sweden and Matti Ristola, Finland)
09.00-09.20Oral 1 - The Occurrence of Transient Viral Blips during Suppressive Antiretroviral Treatment is Associated with High Baseline HIV-1 RNA Levels (Erik Sörstedt, Sweden)
09.20-09.40Oral 2 - High incidence of high grade cervical neoplasia among women with HIV in Sweden (Christina Carlander, Sweden)
09.40-10.00Oral 3 - Mild neurocognitive impairment is associated with CNS immunoactivation and neuronal injury in HIV-infected patients on effective antiviral therapy (Arvid Edén, Sweden)
10.00-11.00Coffee and Poster exhibition
Plenary Session III – Cure and immune activation (Magnús Gottfreðsson, Iceland and Leo Flamholc, Sweden)
11.00-11.30Plenary 5. Current status of HIV cure research (David Margolis, USA)
11.40-12.10Plenary 6. The impact of persistent chronic immune activation in treated HIV (Peter Hunt, USA)
Plenary Session IV – Antiviral treatment (Matti Ristola, Finland and Magnus Gisslén, Sweden)
13.30-14.00Plenary 7. ART: How to balance the role of adverse events, efficacy, convenience, economy and risk of resistance (Graeme Moyle, UK)
14.15-14.45Plenary 8. New era of hepatitis C treatment in HIV/HCV co-infection (Stefan Zeuzem, Germany)
15.00-15.30Plenary 9. Alternative ART regimens for patients ineligible for nucs (José Gatell, Spain)
15.45-16.15Coffee and Poster exhibition
Plenary Session V (Anders Sönnerborg, Sweden and Aylin Yilmaz, Sweden)
16.15-16.45Plenary 10. Virulence and pathogenesis of HIV-1 infection: an evolutionary perspective (Christophe Fraser, UK)
17.00-17.30Plenary 11. Phylogeographic analysis of the global HIV epidemic (Dimitros Paraskevis, Greece)
17.45-18.00HIV Nordic 2014 Abstract Award (Lars Moberg, Sweden)
18.00-18.15Concluding remarks (Anders Sönnerborg, Sweden)