Posters presented at the conference 2015
Presenting author underlined.

P1. Treatment as prevention: a reality.
Hampus Nordqvist, Bernt Hildingsson Lund, Anders Blaxhult, Göran Bratt.

P2. Care and Antiretroviral Treatment in the Complete Swedish HIV-infected Cohort.
Magnus Gisslén, Veronica Svedhem Johansson, Lena Lindborg, Leo Flamholc, Eva-Lena Fredriksson, Hans Norrgren, Suzanne Wendahl, Anders Sönnerborg.

P3. Integrated analysis of biomedical and quality of life data in the InfCare HIV system.
Gaetano Marrone, Åsa Mellgren, Elisabeth Palmryd, Lars Eriksson, Veronica Svedhem Johansson.

P4. One year treatment outcomes among all HIV-1 infected patients in Sweden on Eviplera.
Amanda Häggblom, Catharina Maijgren Steffensson, Göran Skoglund, Veronica Svedhem Johansson.

P5. Factors influencing the efficacy of rilpivirine on HIV-1 subtype C in low- and middle-income countries.
Ujjwal Neogi, Amanda Häggblom, Kamalendra Singh, Leonard C. Rogers, Wondwossen Amogne, Eugen Schülter, Maurizio Zazzi, Eddy Arnold, Stefan G. Sarafianos, Anders Sönnerborg.

P6. Treatment outcomes among 74 HIV-1 infected patients treated with Stribild at Venhälsan.
Sam Sorial, Göran Bratt, Anders Blaxhult, Catharina Maijgren Steffensson, Lena Lindborg.

P7. Gut microbiota diversity correlates with immune status in HIV-1 infection.
Piotr Nowak, Marius Troseid, Ekatarina Avershina, Babilonia Barqasho, Ujjwal Neogi, Johannes R. Hov, Kajsa Noyan, Jan Vesterbacka, Knut Rudi, Anders Sönnerborg.

P8. Asymptomatic Cerebrospinal Fluid Viral Escape During ART is Associated with Increased Intrathecal Immune Activation.
Arvid Edén, Staffan Nilsson, Lars Hagberg, Dietmar Fuchs, Henrik Zetterberg, Bo Svennerholm, Magnus Gisslén.

P9. Tryptophan metabolites are involved in the pathogenesis of HIV-1 infection.
Babilonia Barqasho, Ujjwal Neogi, Lilly Schwieler, Göran Engberg, Anders Sönnerborg, Piotr Nowak.

P10. Sustained expression of the inhibitory receptor TIGIT is linked to CD8 T cell exhaustion despite successful ART.
Johanna Tauriainen, Noor Salam, Bo Hejdeman, Anders Sönnerborg, Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren, Frederick M Hecht, Steven G Deeks, Michael R Betts, Marcus Buggert, Annika C Karlsson.

P11. Exploring the role of MAIT cells in HIV-1 immunopathogenesis.
Edwin Leeansyah, Jenny Svärd, Anupama Ganesh, Joana Dias, Marcus Buggert, Jessica Nyström, Markus Moll, Anders Sönnerborg, Piotr Nowak, Barbara L Shacklett, Johan K Sandberg.

P12. NK cells recognize multiple regions of HIV envelope through antibody dependent mechanisms.
Kerri G. Lal, Margaret C. Costanzo, Matthew Creegan, Johan K. Sandberg, Kristopher Paolino, Merlin L. Robb, Nelson L. Michael, Julie Ake, and Michael A. Eller.

P13. iNKT and NK activation in HIV-1 and HIV-2 infections associate with CD4 level and viral load.
David FG Malone, Susanna M Bächle, Marcus Buggert, Antonio Biague, Hans Norrgren, Patrik Medstrand, Markus Moll, Johan K Sandberg, Marianne Jansson, SWEGUB CORE group.

P14. Increased replication following evolution of PYxE insertion in ALIX-binding motif in Gag-p6 associated with enhanced virulence in HIV-1 subtype C.
Shambhu Aralaguppe, Miguel E. Quinones-Mateu, Anders Sonnerborg, Ujjwal Neogi.

P15. Dendritic cell rewiring by HIV.
Aikaterini Nasi, Sylvie Amu, Noemi Nagy, Marianne Jansson, Francesca Chiodi and Bence Réthi.

P16. CD200 and CD200R axis controls sex-specific TLR7 Responses to MHV Infection.
Guruswamy Karnam, Tomasz P. Rygiel, Matthijs Raaben, Guy C. M. Grinwis, Frank E. Coenjaerts, Maaike E. Ressing, Peter J. M. Rottier, Cornelis A. M. de Haan, Linde Meyaard.

P17. Impaired Phenotype and Function of T Follicular Helper Cells in HIV-1-Infected Children Receiving ART.
Bekele Y, Amu S, Bobosha K, Lantto R, Nilsson A, Endale B, Gebre M, Aseffa A, Rethi B, Howe R, Chiodi F.

P19. Endocarditis caused by Aspergillus Species in newly diagnosed HIV patient with normal CD4+ cell count. Case report.
Monta Madelane, Anastasija Sangirejeva, Elina Kale, Gunta Sture, Baiba Rozentale.