Poster presentations 2017

P1. Need for pre-exposition prophylaxis to HIV-1 in Sweden
Bo Hejdeman

P2. Virological failure and all-cause mortality in HIV-positive adults with low-level viremia during antiretroviral treatment
Olof Elvstam

P3. Hypertension and low BMI are associated to mortality in well treated HIV-positive subjects above 50 years: Preliminary findings at 4, 5 years follow up
Göran Bratt

P4. Excess costs of non-infectious comorbidities among people living with HIV – estimates from Denmark, Sweden and Norway
Frida Hjalte

P5. Targeting HIV testing service yields early HIV diagnosis among men having sex with men (MSM)
Pia Kivelä

P6. Self-reported physical and psychological well-being, but not treatment outcome, are factors associated with sexual satisfaction in HIV+ individuals
Å. Mellgren

P7. Safety and efficacy of the GnRH analouge buserelin in HIV treatment; a phase IIa study
Ola Winqvist

P8. Potency of a novel translocation defective reverse transcriptase inhibitor, EFdA in comparison to NNRTIs on diverse HIV-1 subtypes
Duncan T. Njenda

P9. Antiretroviral potency of second generation INSTIs in different HIV-1 subtypes and major accessory mutations in treatment naïve individuals
Shambhu G Aralaguppe

P10. Very long-term suppressive antiretroviral therapy stabilizes cytokine and chemokine level in HIV-1 positive patients
Anxiong Long

P11. HIV-1 integrase polymorphisms and the affinity of first- and second-generation integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTIs) to diverse subtypes
Kamlendra Singh

P12. Low Risk Of Virologic Failure In Rilpivirine Treated Patients In The Swedish InfcareHIV Cohort
Piotr Nowak

P13. Dolutegravir in pregnancy – effects on HIV-positive women and their infants
Riikka Bornhede

P14. Cervicovaginal inflammation is strongly modulated by cyclic changes in sex hormones and amplified by the microbiome
Frideborg Bradley*, Kenzie Birse*, Klara Hasselrot, Laura Romas, Andrea Introini, Hugo Wefer, Maike Seifert, Lars Engstrand, Annelie Tjernlund, Kristina Broliden, Adam Burgener
*Contributed equally to this work

P15. Highly HIV-exposed HIV uninfected Kenyan female sex workers display a thick ectocervical epithelium
Maria Röhl, Julie Lajoie

P16. Hormonal contraceptive use affects HIV susceptibility: mechanisms revealed by image analysis
Gabriella Edfeldt

P17. HIV-infected women have high numbers of CD103-CD8+ T cells residing close to the basal membrane of the ectocervical epithelium
Annelie Tjernlund

P18. CSF levels of the glial marker YKL-40 are strongly associated with neuronal injury in HIV
Linn Hermansson

P19. Effect of antiretroviral treatment on blood-brain barrier integrity in neuroasymptomatic HIV-1-infected patients
Birgitta Anesten

P20. High-throughput transcriptomics identified synergism between different signaling pathways in HIV-1 Elite Controllers
Wang Zhang

P21. Characteristic pattern of soluble biomarkers in HIV-1 elite controllers
Maike Sperk

P22. MiDRMpol: A simplified, cloud based algorithm to identify minor HIV-1 drug resistance mutations
Anoop T. Ambikan

P23. Increasing prevalence of transmitted drug resistance mutations in migrants from Sub Saharan Africa diagnosed with HIV-1 in Sweden
Emmi Andersson

P24. Prevalence of ARV resistance in Ugandan children, at treatment start and after six months of treatment
Sandra Soeria-Atmadja

P25. Increasing differences in CD8 T cell polyfunctionality between HLA-B*57-positive and –negative HIV patients followed from primary infection
Scharf L

P26. Increased binding to ALIX but no effect on viral growth for HIV-1 subtype C gag with PYKE insertion
Robert van Domselaar

P27. Phenotypic properties of transmitted/founder (TF) virus from recently diagnosed infants from India
Ashokkumar Manickam

P28. HIV-1 Vpu and Nef proteins interfere with MR1 surface expression
Jean-Baptiste Gorin

P29. Constitutive expression of Siglec-1 by human circulating dendritic cell precursors enables HIV-1 replication and dissemination to CD4+ T cells
Nicolas Ruffin

P30. Three dimensional Slipdisc aimed at HIV viral load detection
Indradumna Banerjee

P31. Does exposure to Persistant Organic Pollutants impact on disease progression in HIV-2 positive individuals in Guinea-Bissau?
Hans Norrgren

P32. T follicular helper cells and antibody response to Hepatitis B virus vaccine in HIV-1 infected children receiving ART
Yonas Bekele

P33. Chronic hepatitis C virus infection irreversibly impacts human NK cell repertoire diversity
Benedikt Strunz, Julia Hengst

P34. Insufficient HCV testing in an OAT clinic in Stockholm calls for changes in testing routines
Martin Kåberg

P35. Nonreversible imprint on the soluble and cellular immune system by chronic hepatitis C
Julia Hengst

P36. Phylogenetic reconstruction of hepatitis C virus transmission in Southern Sweden (2007-2015)
Malik Sallam

P37. Sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir for HCV in People with Recent Injecting Drug Use
Olav Dalgard

P38. Quantification of HCV-RNA and Determination Anti-HCV from Dried Blood Spots Sent by Regular Mail: A pilot study
Bastian Neesgaard

P39. Antiviral Effect of Ribavirin against HCV Associated with Increased Frequency of G-to-A and C-to-T Transitions in an Infectious Cell Culture Model
Helene Mens

P40. Medication utilization in chronic hepatitis c patients: a nationwied register based study
Büsch K

P41. Prevalence of Hepatitis B virus and associated risk factors among Malayali tribes, Yelagiri Hills, India
Delfin Lovelina Francis

P42. Outcomes of severe acute viral hepatitis B in Latvia
Jekaterina Kucina

P43. A combined therapeutic vaccine for chronic HBV/HDV infections raises broadly crossreactive and neutralizing antibodies and genotype specific T cells
Panagiota Maravelia