How to get there and where to stay

The event will yet again take place at Hotel Hilton Slussen in Stockholm, Sweden. The venue is situated in the heart of Stockholm, in the hip Södermalm area, with fantastic views overlooking the water and historic Old Town. Just a short walk away from top attractions and the city center, but still just 45 minutes from Arlanda International Airport, a 1-minute walk to Slussen station and less than 3km, or 4 stations away from Stockholm’s attractions and iconic landmarks. You can find out more about Hilton Slussen on their website.

Getting here
Hliton Stockholm Slussen
Guldgränd 8, Stockholm, Sweden
TEL: +46-8-51735300 FAX: +46-8-51735311


If you like assistance with booking your trip to Stockholm, we do have a partnership with a travelling agency called Linné Travel, whom will gladly help you to find a great and affordable trip to and from the conference. You can contact them directly at:
Marianne Krantz
+46 (0)8-459 16 61