Program – HIV & Hepatitis Nordic Conference 2018 (preliminary)

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WednesdaySeptember 26
Coffe and sandwich will be served from 08.30
Opening session
10.15-10.20Welcome (Nina Weis, Denmark)
10.20-10.50Opening Plenary 1
Progress towards reaching the 90-90-90 HIV target in Europe and beyond (Anastasia Pharris, ECDC, Sweden)
Abstract Session I
11.00-11.15Oral 1 (10 min + 5 min discussion)
11.15-11.30Oral 2
11.30-11.45Oral 3
11.45-12.00Oral 4
Plenary Session I
13.00-13.30Plenary 2
Mortality and morbidity among children and adolescents with perinatal HIV infection (Ruth Goodall, UK)
13.40-14.10Plenary 3
HIV infected women and breastfeeding (Ellen Moseholm Larsen, Denmark)
14.20-14.35Short break
14.35-15.50BHIVA and HIV Nordic joint session – Aspects on HIV prevention in high-risk-populations
Chemsex (Ann Sullivan, UK)
PrEP, implementation in Norway (Frank Olav Pettersen, Norway)
Declining HIV prevalence among MSM in London (Ann Sullivan, UK)
15.50-16.30Coffee and exhibition/posters
16.30-17.30Satellite Symposium I (Janssen)
What you need to know about HIV and bone – a medical education event

Moderator: Lars Østergaard, Skejby, Aarhus, Denmark
Speakers: Mas Chaponda, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool, UK, Steffen Leth, Skejby, Aarhus, Denmark, TBD
17.30-17.45Short break
17.45-18.45Satellite Symposium II (GSK/ViiV)
Can less be more? Let 2-morrow start 2-day

Moderator: Eva Fernvik, Sr Scientific Advisor HIV, GSK/ViiV Healthcare
Why use a two drug regimen (2DR)?
– Tia Vincent, PhD, Director Global Scientific Affairs, ViiV Healthcare
The hiv-patient and stigma – the biggest hurdle for a life with high quality?
– Maria Lindberg Reinius, RN, PhD, Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME), Karolinska Institutet
18.45-Poster Exhibition with cheese and snacks

ThursdaySeptember 27
08.00-09.00Satellite Symposium III
HIV Outcome
09.00-09.10Short break
Plenary Session III – Inflammation and reservoirs
09.10-09.40Plenary 6
Tissue resident T-cells and immunity during acute and chronic HIV-infection (Mike Betts, USA)
09.50-10.20Plenary 7
Microbial translocation and microbiome dysbiosis in HIV-associated immune activation (Piotr Nowak, Sweden)
10.30-11.00Coffee and exhibition/posters
11.00-11.30Plenary 8
Is it possible to enhance immune function in HIV-infected persons on ART with immune failure? (Michael Lederman, USA)
Plenary Session IV – Living with HIV
11.40-12.10Plenary 9
Life expectancy and long-term outlook in PLHIV (Caroline Sabin, UK)
12.20-12.50Plenary 10
Recent achievements in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) of HIV and possible clinical implications (Roger Paredes, Spain)
Plenary Session V – Last year’s most important achievements in the HIV research field
14.00-14.30Plenary 11
Top 5 in basic HIV research 2016-2017 (Jan Albert, Sweden)
14.40-15.10Plenary 12
Top 5 in clinical HIV research 2017-2018 (Anne-Mette Kjær Lebech, Denmark)
15.20-15.40Plenary 13
The history of HIV in Finland (Matti Ristola, Finland)
15.40-15.45HIV & Hepatitis Nordic Conference 2018 Abstract Award
(Matti Ristola, Finland)
15.45-16.15Coffee and exhibition/posters
16.15-17.15Satellite Symposium IV (Gilead HIV)
What is the role of the new integrase inhibitor in the management of HIV patients?

Moderator: Leo Flamholc
Speaker: Joel Gallant
17.15-17.30Short break
17.30-18.30Satellite Symposium V (TBD)
Conference dinner

FridaySeptember 28
08.00-09.00Satellite Symposium VI (Gilead HCV)
Plenary Session VI – Last year’s most important achievements in the hepatitis field
09.10-09.40Plenary 14
Top 5 in hepatitis research 2017/18 (Martti Färkkilä, Finland)
Abstract Session II
09.50-10.05Oral 5 (10 + 5 min discussion)
10.05-10.20Oral 6
10.20-11.00Coffee and exhibition/posters
Plenary Session VII
11.00-11.30Plenary 15
Update on hepatitis E (Heléne Norder, Sweden)
11.40-12.10Plenary 16
Can HCC surveillance be stopped?/ Post SVR surveillance (Sofie Hallager, Denmark)
Plenary Session VIII – Hepatitis C
13.20-13.50Plenary 17
HCV treatment in needle exchange programs (Marianne Alanko, Sweden)
14.00-14.30Plenary 18
HCV treatment in the prison systems (Soo Aleman, Sweden)
14.40-15.10Plenary 19
Global Perspectives on HCV Eradication (TBD)
15.20-15.30Concluding remarks