Preliminary programs 2017

WednesdaySeptember 27
Coffe and sandwich will be served from 08.30
Opening session
10.15-10.20Welcome (Magnus Gisslén, Sweden and Nina Weis, Denmark)
10.20-10.50Opening Plenary 1
Persistent immunological problems in the ART era (Francesca Chiodi, Sweden)
Plenary Session I – Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS)
11.00-11.25Plenary 2
Pathogenic and clinical aspects on IRIS in HIV (Irini Sereti, USA)
11.35-12.00Plenary 3
Integrase inhibitors and the risk of IRIS (Bart Rijnders, The Netherlands)
Plenary Session II – ART
13.10-13.35Plenary 4
Injectable drugs and other long-acting agents against HIV (Jan Gerstoft, Denmark)
13.45-14.10Plenary 5
Is HIV management moving towards personalized medicine? (Carlo-Federico Perno, Italy)
14.20-14.45Plenary 6
Clinical use of HIV DNA quantification and genotyping.
(Maurizio Zazzi, Italy)
14.55-15.05Short break
Abstract Session I
15.05-15.20Oral 1 (10 min + 5 min discussion)
15.20-15.35Oral 2
15.35-15.50Oral 3
15.50-16.05Oral 4
16.05-16.35Coffee and exhibition/posters
16.40-17.40Satellite Symposium I – GSK/ViiV
Dolutegravir – from development to real-life safety and universal access (Jan van Lunzen, Senior Global Medical Director, ViiV Healthcare and Eva Fernvik, PhD, Senior Scientific Advisor GSK/ ViiV Healthcare)
17.40-17.50Short break
17.50-18.50Satellite Symposium II – Janssen (HIV)
CNS Complications in HIV Patients
(Lars Østergaard/Steffen Leth Denmark, Aylin Yilmaz/Erika Ahlgren Sweden, Paola Cinque, Italy)
18.50-Poster Exhibition with cheese and snacks

ThursdaySeptember 28
08.00-09.00Satellite Symposium III – Gilead
HIV and Women (TBD)
09.00-09.10Short break
Plenary Session III – Last year’s most important achievements in the HIV research field
09.10-09.40Plenary 7
Top 5 in basic HIV research 2016/17 (Johan Sandberg, Sweden)
09.50-10.20Plenary 8
Top 5 in clinical HIV research 2016/17 (Aylin Yilmaz, Sweden)
10.30-11.00Coffee and exhibition/posters
Plenary Session IV – Reservoirs and cure
11.00-11.30Plenary 9
Functional cure by integrin antibody therapy? (Aftab Ansari, USA)
11.40-12.10Plenary 10
“Soothe and snooze” as an alternative to “kick and kill” (Susana Valente, USA)
12.20-12.50Plenary 11
Stem cell transplantations – status post-the Berliner and Boston-patients (Javier Martinez-Picado, Spain)
Plenary Session V – Complications, co-morbidities etc.
14.00-14.30Plenary 12
Protease inhibitors and risk of cardio-/cerebro-vascular disease (Ann-Brit Eg Hansen, Denmark)
14.40-15.10Plenary 13
Symptomatic CNS escape including CD8-encephalitis during cART (Paola Cinque, Italy)
15.20-15.30HIV & Hepatitis Nordic Conference 2017 Abstract Award
15.30-16.00Coffee and exhibition/posters
16.00-17.00Satellite Symposium IV – Abbvie (HCV)
The era of pan-genotypic next generation HCV treatment
(Jean-Michel Pawlotsky, France)
17.00-17.10Short break
17.10-18.10Satellite Symposium V – Gilead
Många personer som injicerar droger står utan hepatit C‐vård.
• Hur kan vi i Sverige ge optimal hjälp?
En paneldebatt modererad av Prof Fred Nyberg
Aprx. 19.30Conference dinner

FridaySeptember 29
08.00-09.00Satellite Symposium VI – MSD (HCV)
Towards HCV-Elimination in the Nordics (Olav Dalgard, Hannah Fraser, Martin Kåberg, Lars Peters, Knut Bo Kieland, Henrikki Brummer-Korvenkontio)
Plenary Session VI – Last year’s most important achievements in the hepatitis field
09.10-09.40Plenary 14
Top 5 in hepatitis research 2016/17 (Soo Aleman, Sweden)
Abstract Session II
09.50-10.05Oral 5 (10 + 5 min discussion)
10.05-10.20Oral 6
10.20-11.00Coffee and exhibition/posters
Plenary Session VII – Hepatitis B
11.00-11.30Plenary 15
Immunopathology and immunotherapy in HBV (Mala Maini, UK)
11.40-12.10Plenary 16
Are HBV DNA integrations relevant, and is HBV RNA a useful clinical marker? (Magnus Lindh, Sweden)
Plenary Session VIII – Hepatitis C
13.20-13.50Plenary 17
Pangenotypic and shorter treatment (Christophe Hézode, France)
14.00-14.30Plenary 18
Immunomodulation during DAA treatment and the clinical impact (Robert Thimme, Germany)
14.40-15.10Plenary 19
HCV vaccines - an overview (Judith Gottwein, Denmark)
15.20-15.30Concluding remarks